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WATCH Project- SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis of WATCH project

– Nawaraj Subba

Under ToR with AIFO Italy which is one of the donors of WATCH, an assessment of the project was undertaken by this writer. WATCH is working in HIV/AIDS, social empowerment and income generation in Kathmandu, Rupandehi, Kapilvastua and Nawalparashi districts.
SWOT Analysis on the basis of FGD with Rupendehi staff.


  • Good management of project (Planning, Implementation and Review/ feedback)
  • Targets are being achieved.
  • Rescue helpless women and children
  • IEC material Production and display
  • Development of Leadership and Organization Skill
  • Enhancement in Livelihood
  • Income Generation Activities
  • Relief and care of poor
  • Staff expressed their satisfaction with their jobs.

  • Limited numbers of Clinics and Health workers
  • The problem in a referral system
  • Prevention and promotion component is inadequate
  • Family planning is inadequate especially in squatter groups

  • Good results are replicable to other VDCs.
  • Facilitators require more in-service training to make an update.
  • The community has accepted the programmes provided by WATCH.
  • Current unrest situation has not affected the programmes.

  • Illiteracy in women
  • Absolute poverty (No land, food, shelter, clothes)
  • Difficulty to solve chained problems
  • To have taken risks by WATCH for everything
  • Weather and diseases play major determinants for agriculture.

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