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Dr. Nawa Raj Subba is a Public Health Specialist, Researcher, and a Poet. He is an author of articles, books, and albums.

The emotional drama is just too much

Dr. Nawa Raj Subba

Nowadays there is a growing trend of collecting votes by showcasing the poignant aspects of family relationships and playing with emotions in the process of presenting reality shows such as singing, dancing, comedy. Networks in Nepal are good at copying Indian networks. That has distracted attention from assessing the contestants’ unique talents. It will increase the television audience but the reason for which the program is shown will only serve as a serial for entertainment. Touch the contestant’s pulse, instead of linking up more positions. Continue reading The emotional drama is just too much

The need for Embossed Numbering

Dr. Nawa Raj Subba

The question is actually more about the Devanagari script than about the Nepali language. It should be recalled that Nepal only became a member of the United Nations after having retained the Ranjana script as their national script was not known as Devanagari.

Thus, although the Nepali language uses the Devanagari language as a script, it is a popular script of many other languages. So looking for Nepal’s nationality in this script is not rational. If we want to find the national script, we need to switch to script Ranjana. The literature of Nepal written in the Devanagari script has its own location. But let the new generation and the pace of time run by having run on the road the script the new generation understands and talks to them. Continue reading The need for Embossed Numbering

कोरोनाविरुद्ध नयाँ सामान्य !

– नवराज सुब्बा

घरमै बसेर म युद्ध लडिरहेछु
अस्पतालमा सुतेर युद्ध लडिरहेछु
शुभकामना मोबाइलमा छाम्दै
कोरोनायुद्धमा साथ दिइरहेछु ।

दुस्मन आफ्नै नाकमा पसेको छ
दुस्मन आफ्नै हातमा बसेको छ
मान्छे शत्रु देख्ने रोग छ आँखामा
कोरोना सुनेरै मान्छे ढलेको छ ।

रोगविरुद्ध चौमुखे चक्रव्यूहमा छु
रोग, भोक, शोक,त्रासले घेरियाछु
संक्रमित मर्ने बाँच्ने हिसाब टिप्दै
लकडाउनको दिनगिन्ति गन्दो छु ।

बाँचे पनि मुख देखाउन नपाइने
मरेपछि त झन् लास हेर्नै नपाइने
क्रियाकर्म धर्मकर्म गर्न भो गाहो
युद्धमा नयाँ सामान्य भो चाहिने ।

नमस्ते चलाउँ हात नमिलाउँ
हाय हेलो ठिक छ गला नमिलाउँ
हटाउँ अनावश्यक भेला भोज मोज
लौ अनलाइनमा अब बानी बसाउँ ।


A Corona-melted Heart

A Corona-melted Heart
(A Poem)
– Nawa Raj Subba
I am looking around
The sun is bright
Cloud dances
Grown on Earth,
The flowers in the herb garden shine
Birds as that fly in the sky
It really does a storm.
The rains came and the landslides went
But without notification, this time
The anarchy in Corona
There is now an ocean
In lifetime
Swells in your face
Enormous waves of panic
To corpses in the water
Last vision waiting
Standing at the eye-corner
I’m breathless and I’m going down
Mobile phone heartbreaking
In Facebook pictures of relatives
To post tributes
I am sad in my heart.

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