Delivery Practices among Rajbanshi

Delivery Practices among Rajbanshi

Nawa Raj Subba

To cite the article: Nawa Raj Subba. (2013). Delivery Practices among Rajbanshi. Researcher. I, II, July-December, 2013. pp63-71.

Corresponding Author: Nawa Raj Subba, E-mail:

This is a cross-sectional study with the objective of uncovering home and hospital delivery practices among Rajbansi of Nepal. Quantitative tools semi-structured questionnaires, checklists were used covering 375 samples of its resident districts Morang, Jhapa, and Sunsari districts. Among the Rajbanshi population, 69.33% has done hospital delivery and 30.67% has home delivery. Home delivery is practiced by economic condition very poor (18.87%), poor (8.8%) and rich (4%). Hospital delivery is practiced by economic condition very poor (20.53%), poor (20.27%) and rich (28.53%). Similarly, home delivery is higher by occupation labor (24.27%), by education illiterate (10.67%), by geography rural (34.28%). Hospital delivery is increasing and home delivery is in decreasing trend in the community. Status of hospital delivery of Rajbanshi is better than the average Morang district and of country Nepal. But it is significantly lower among very poor, illiterate, labor and rural Rajbanshi population. 

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